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Concordia University-Ann Arbor Concordia University-Ann Arbor

Credit Unit: Semester
Location: 4090 Geddes Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Institution Home Page: http://www.cuaa.edu/
Admissions Web Site: http://www.cuaa.edu/Admissions/index.html
Transfer Web Site: https://www.cuaa.edu/admissions/undergraduate/transfer/index.html
Enrolled and returning students must have course substitutions approved by the Registrar.

All credit hour requirements are based on the semester academic calendar.
A maximum of 70 credits will be accepted from a two-year college.
A maximum of 90 credits will be accepted from a four-year college/university.
Accepted credits may be applied to core curriculum, major, or minor courses.

Final decisions on course substitutions not listed on transfer guides are made by the Registrar.
A grade of C- (1.6667) or better is required for all transfer courses.


Information provided by the institution was last updated on 8/1/2007.

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