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Credit Unit: Semester
Location: 1961 Delta Road, University Center, MI 48710
Institution Home Page: http://www.delta.edu
Admissions Web Site: http://www.delta.edu/admissions-office.aspx
Transfer Web Site: http://www.delta.edu/academics/transfer/index.html
Only *official* transcripts will be evaluated. Delta College will only accept incoming transcripts that have appropriate signatures and seals and have been sent directly to the College from an issuing institution. Transcripts in the possession of the student or copies of transcripts or grade reports may be used for academic advising or counseling, but no transfer credits will be posted to the Delta College academic transcript from these documents.

Official transcripts should be mailed to the Delta College Registrarís Office from the transfer institution. Transcripts received from a Michigan college or university *at least one month prior* to a registration period will generally be evaluated within two weeks of receipt. More time may be necessary to evaluate transcripts from out-of-state institutions.

Credits only, not grades, are accepted in transfer. Grades earned at another school in courses accepted by Delta College are not entered on the permanent Delta academic transcript or calculated in the Delta College cumulative grade point average.

For more information, please refer to page 16 of the 2016-17 Delta College College Catalog.

Information provided by the institution was last updated on 12/7/2018.

Institution Contact(s): Terri Gould