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Kirtland Community College Kirtland Community College

Credit Unit: Semester
Location: 10775 N Saint Helen Road, Roscommon, MI 48653
Institution Home Page: http://www.kirtland.edu
Admissions Web Site: http://www.kirtland.edu/admissions/
Transfer Web Site: http://www.kirtland.edu/admissions/transferring-to-kirtland
"C" or better required for transfer. Some departments have grade requirements that are higher. Transitional classes (e.g. Basic Math, Basic Algebra, College Reading or College Writing Skills) do not receive credit, but are posted as waivers with a "PR."
If a class is not listed and it is numbered at or above "100," it is likely transferable as an elective within that department or as a general or technical elective. Transfer credits are not awarded unless it is determined that the credit could be used toward a student's declared program or as an elective. Specific courses which are possibly equivalent are evaluated on an "as needed" basis. Contact the Associate Registrar if a non-listed course needs to be evaluated for credit. A syllabus may be required.

Information provided by the institution was last updated on 2/23/2018.

Institution Contact(s): Renae Klee